Betsy A Roswell Survivor

Only 3 Months Old and Was On Death Row

KeIcy CIark

Little Betsy was only 3 months old when she found herself on death row in Roswell, NM. We saw her photo and profile on the page "Death Row Dogs of SE New Mexico" a Facebook page set up by volunteers, who network to help try and help save the lives of the dogs that are in immediate danger of euthanasia in one of New Mexico's highest kill shelters. There she was standing on her hind legs begging for someone to save her!! Luckily someone stepped up as a foster here in Albuquerque for little Betsy and she was tagged for rescue! With the help of From Forgotten to Forever Transport and Rescue (FFTF) and a local volunteer willing to meet FFTF in Vaughn, NM, Betsy arrived safely to her new foster home in Albuquerque! Betsy was absolutely darling and we all fell in love with her instantly. How could a puppy like this ever end up on death row? Well it happens all to often in New Mexico, a state with a huge over population problem due to people not spaying and neutering their pets. Our shelters are overflowing with unwanted companion animals and many are euthanized to make room for more to come in. This was what little Betsy faced. She was picked up as a stray and no one was coming for her... and at only 3 months old, she had her entire life ahead of her. So, we at NM K-911, took in Betsy to make sure she would having a loving and happy life to look forward to! Today Betsy is doing great!! She is a happy, healthy, beautiful puppy who knows basic commands, has learned manners, gets along with the other dogs in her foster home, walks well on a leash and has even learned to wait patiently at feeding time. She is a very good girl who will be a terrific addition to any family. Betsy is currently available for adoption, so please see our adoptable dogs page for more information. Another life saved thanks to a foster and a team of rescues working together!