Whitey's Story

It Took a Village

KeIcy CIark

Whitey is a sweet red heeler that almost lost his life had it not been for local rescue groups working together to get him placed in foster care within a very limited time frame. Whitey's story is a sad one, but one that happens often with the back yard breeding and irresponsible animal owners who only care about making a buck off of selling puppies from litter after litter. Whitey was one of these pups, but his life was threatened the day he was born as whitey was born deaf. His owner claimed he didn't know what to do with him since he was deaf and he thought basically unadoptable. His owner only gave us 48 hours to try and place him. Through the rescue efforts of NM K-911 and HART  along with several volunteers, we were able to get Whitey to safety in time. We can only speculate that Whitey probably had very little affection from humans for the 1st year of his life and instead most likely depended on litter mates to keep him company before they were sold. When Whitey arrived into foster care he was confused and unsure of himself, but it took him no time to realize that humans were trust worthy, loving and affectionate and he would have a promising and happy life ahead of him. Whitey's personality bloomed within only a couple of days!!! He is a really smart pup and his handicap isn't going to stop him from doing anything! Whitey is currently available for adoption and has been fully vetted and microchipped. NM K-911 is willing to continue to help his new adopters with his training and in home support because we know how truly amazing Whitey really is! Please contact NM K-911 if you would be interested in meeting Whitey at 505-688-6160 or NMK911rescue@yahoo.com