An Amazing Puppy

KeIcy CIark

Sometimes there is one dog you pull into rescue that steals your heart like no other. This is what puppy Aria has done to me. She has had a rough start in life, but she is tough and it seems like nothing will ever get in her way. Aria is very special to me and I would like to share her story with you as her story has affected every aspect of NM K-911 rescue. She has tested us and whether or not we have what it takes to withstand the stress of rescue. We hope we haven't let her down. Aria is an amazing puppy and here is her story.

NM K-911 learned about puppy Aria late February 2017. She and her brother were brought in under another rescue to one of our shared foster homes (we have fosters that also foster for other rescues as well as NM K-911) for a quick 3 day stay before they were to be transported to Colorado to another rescue. But sadly Aria's brother Fin came down with Parvo and was lost. We were informed these puppies had Parvo by our foster as one of our rescued dogs was at the same home and had now been exposed to the virus. He was actually scheduled for his neuter and micro-chipping on Monday. We called the vet as we had to cancel surgery since he was now exposed to the virus and we got Ziggy into the vet's office for another booster shot. Luckily Ziggy already had immunity because he was up to date on vaccines. He never got sick and was able to be rescheduled for his neuter appointment a couple weeks later. This is why it is so very important to keep your dogs current on vaccines! Aria was moved into a foster with the other rescue and did not immediately show signs of Parvo, but sadly after a couple days she too began to get sick. We were very concerned that Aria could be lost too and we did not want that to happen to another puppy.

Treating Parvo can be extremely costly. We know how difficult it can be to pull a puppy through Parvo and the diligence needed for in home support/care for the puppy and the necessary precautions and cleaning that is needed to keep from spreading the virus, as it is highly contagious. Even though Aria was not currently an NM K-911 dog she needed our help and we knew we could help her get through this, so we offered to pay for the expenses and use our vet to help her overcome the virus. Aria was transported to our veterinarian in Corrales, NM where she was hospitalized and treated for the Parvo. Aria only had to stay one night and did just fine and was able to pull through and was now on her way to being a happy healthy puppy! We were asked by the other rescue if we would like to take Aria in under NM K-911 since we had paid for all of her vetting already and we agreed. Otherwise she was headed to Colorado and really she had already won the hearts of the NM K-911 team. We were scheduled to have her transferred to us once she had time to shed the virus. Neither rescue wanted to contaminate another home so it was decided she would stay where she was with the other rescue until she was no longer contagious. Aria was a playful happy puppy for the next couple of weeks and everyone fell in love with her.

On May 10th Rogue, a husky puppy we pulled from Artesia, NM arrived on transport as she was the newest member of NM K-911. But she was somewhat lethargic and would not eat her first night in foster care. Just so everyone is aware NM K-911 quarantines all new arrivals for 10 days for this very reason. She also had very loose stool so we were keeping a very close eye on her and had already scheduled a vet appointment for the next morning. We all knew in the back of our minds, we were dealing with yet another Parvo case... I told myself we will get through this too. I also reminded myself that puppy Aria would be transferred to us on Sunday and would officially be an NM K-911 dog! 

The next morning came and sure enough Rogue had developed diarrhea. She was rushed into the ER where she tested positive for Parvo and we would have to start treatment for her. As I was standing at the counter signing paperwork, getting an estimate for Rogue's bill and putting down a deposit payment, my phone began ringing (like the stalker calling ringing) and text messages came through one after another. Something was wrong so I excused myself to make a call back. Tragedy had struck yet again. Aria had been attacked by another large dog and was seriously injured. My head starting spinning as I was told they thought her jaw was broken and they were rushing her into the Los Lunas Animal Hospital.... I authorized x-rays and treatment for Aria but was still at the ER with Rogue where I couldn't leave This day was a nightmare I couldn't wake up from.

It took a few hours at the ER to get everything arranged with Rogue and she would stay the night (couple nights as it turned out) where she could be placed on IV fluids and monitored until she was willing to eat or drink.  Now to shift focus and find out what Aria's status was.

The swelling in Aria's face was so extreme x-rays couldn't be taken yet. I received photos through text messages from the people who rushed her in. It was a bloody mess and her little face was so mangled. So the first step was to hospitalize Aria and try to reduce the swelling in her face so x-rays could be taken and we would know exactly what we were dealing with. Her little eye was swollen closed too and I also had a concern as to whether or not she would lose the eye. It was another waiting game now, the same as Rogue.

That night I said some prayers my puppies would make it through this... it was a sleepless night.

Rogue and Aria did not improve the next day and both puppies again spent the night in the ER... Another sleepless night filled with worry.

Finally Monday morning arrived and Rogue was eating and drinking and rather full of herself. The report was she was actually getting into mischief with the cat and was more than ready to head home. What a relief! I knew she would recover just fine with that report. So I made arrangements to meet her foster mom at the ER that afternoon to go over dos and donts and what to expect when bringing home a puppy that is recovering from Parvo. Everything was set up and Rogue was released.

I also received a call from the ER with Aria on Monday. They were planning to put her under to take x-rays and flush out the wounds again, but the swelling was still very severe. She was eating soft foods and drinking ok. Aria was placed under anesthesia but the doctor decided x-rays weren't needed and simply flushed out the wounds and they called saying Aria was ready to be released. I was furious as I had requested and authorized x-rays. She had been picked up by her face and shaken by a large dog! I knew we were going to have broken bones!  We made arrangements and Aria was picked up and would be taken to another vet for x-rays. I was not pleased about any of this and my heart ached for this puppy. 

We were able to get her into another vet and x-rays were done which showed 4 fractures and her jaw was dislocated or possibly fractured. The swelling in her face was the issue with getting clear pictures but the good news was her eye was ok. She was sent home on medicines to further reduce the swelling. We had to get the swelling down before we could determine the next course of action. In the meantime, Rogue was getting better each and every day. She would make a full recovery!

Aria remained a happy puppy and acted like nothing was wrong with her. She didn't seem to be in any pain and as the days went by the swelling began to come down and her face began to have some definition in it. The eye was finally opened and the wounds were draining well. She was still on antibiotics, steroids, soft food, she was eating and drinking fine and even wanted to chew on her left side. She was playful, loving and surprisingly had no fear of other dogs. She was one tough little girl and cute as can be!

Once the swelling had reduced she was scheduled again to go under anesthesia to try and realign her jaw. But sadly at that appointment, it was determined the mandible was indeed fractured and she will most likely need a specialist to do the surgery. Another disappointing appointment. I remember thinking to myself can't this puppy get a break??? My other stressor now was rescue finances as we are blowing through our available funds very quickly with all of this. Sadly, I have had to put a freeze on bringing in more dogs until I can get a true estimate of how much her surgery will cost us.  

Finally, the day is here and Aria has an appointment tomorrow for further x-rays and to schedule surgery! She is such a wonderful little soul even though its been a rough road for Aria. She is a very special puppy and we have never and will never give up on her. She hasn't given up on herself and she loves each and everyone of us unconditionally. She has made new friends in NM K-911 foster care and is one of the pack. She lets nothing get in her way! ARIA IS ONE AMAZING PUPPY!