Lincoln's Journey to Safety

Rescue is a Team Effort

KeIcy CIark

Sometimes in rescue we see some pretty heartbreaking situations. Below is Lincoln, our newest arrival at NM K-911. Lincoln came from Roswell, New Mexico where he was thrown away in a dumpster and left to die. From there Lincoln's journey to a better life was a team effort beginning the day he was found in a dumpster in Roswell to the day he arrived safely to rescue at NM K-911 in Rio Rancho, NM. The team effort made by From Forgotten to Forever Rescue and Transport, NM K-911, all of the fosters and coordinators of both rescues, the transport drivers, the vets and of course those of you so wonderful and willing to help with donations for the veterinary costs has made his rescue possible. Lincoln was showing signs of having some neurological issues and made it in to the vet after transport. He is receiving treatment for a severe ear infection to start. In 10 days we will know more and we will keep you posted on his progress. He appears to be healthy otherwise. Lincoln is one amazing pup as he holds no grudge against people and greets everyone with a wagging tail and kisses. Welcome little one, you are now safe!
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