How serious are you about wasting money?

First of all, we don't know how much you have invested in your current business model.

We don't know how many pieces of administrative software or systems you juggle to keep your business going.

I'm sure some of them work pretty good, but they all cost you something to keep in place. This could be time, management, bookkeeping, training, software licenses, data loss, latency, fees, overtime, and it all adds up. Only your accountant knows how much all these hidden fees add up to and we discount them as "business expenses".

This omnibus term "business expenses" is a common way to downplay the economic waste, legitimize these composite hidden costs and justify inflation.  The traditional business model only allows businesses to tread water due to inflation and the ever increasing hidden costs associated with running a business. How do businesses typically compensate for hidden costs? They don't become more efficient. They raise the prices of their services thus fueling a vicious cycle. 

Big companies on the other hand, tend to take the time to survey and review for the efficiency of their operations and tend to make adjustments to improve efficiency. One of these areas, the most important one, is the software the entire company uses to manage and account for it's operations. 

We can also see that small companies, being run by small teams, are often so preoccupied by menial tasks with piecemeal methods, that they seldom have time for regular efficiency review and adjustment. 

If the small business owners realize that they don't have to re-invent the wheel to try to do what the big companies do, but that the solutions have already been worked out by the big companies, that complete, professional solutions are readily available to smaller businesses now. 

What do the big companies do? 

Hidden costs add up and to eliminate accumulated hidden costs, companies that have dozens of employees have no choice but to implement some kind of enterprise management software. Typically contracted deployments of ERP software runs in the millions of dollars and takes months, if not years to implement. This is not the case with Odoo from Space-Port-Pros. Now small businesses can function with enterprise efficiency as soon as they activate their membership. The club model allows for benefits like low cost, training seminars and partnership opportunities so that migration and improvement is assisted and streamlined.  

Save a year's expenses when you get in Odoo now! 

Just look at last year's accounting at the business expenses row. Do you want a repeat of that this year? Well, it's gonna be if you don't start using Odoo now to eliminate your hidden costs.

Using an automated business model with Odoo software from Space-Port Pros will eliminate your hidden costs for the year and this year's bottom line will be refreshing! 

Start out on the right foot...

Now, if you are starting up a new business, you are in a unique position because unlike businesses that have already gotten into contracts with several providers, you have an option of getting started with a complete and scalable solution that will allow you to focus on your business development rather than the architecture to support your management scheme. You already have an edge because you know about this new, better way to run a business. As soon as you are ready to "crank up your business" Space-Port Pros can activate your account and customize your deployment to fit your particular business model. What could be easier? 

So if you are starting a new business, consider the cost and options of other providers and then contact Space-Port Pros for an instant deployment of a complete business management software system. It will save you this year's hidden costs and it's the quickest way to give your business the traction it needs to prosper into the 21st century!

See how the other half lives! 

To test drive an Odoo Business Management Software System for you business, click the link below, make a request and we will send you the password. It's that easy : 

I want an Odoo for my business! 




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