We see it all the time: small business owners dashing hither and thither, networking and racing to their appointments...   

And what's it all for? Money? Connections? The reward of service? The Greater Good? Fun? Maybe all of the above.

But try to look at it from a higher perspective, maybe a "bigger business" perspective: if you're not using professional software, your business might seem more like a hobby. 

Each and every small business owner has their own particular style, but there are many common aspects of business that every business owner must face and manage. For example: accounting. Oh, they all let their accountants do that with Quickbooks, but how much money is bleeding off, using that system say, on software licence, data loss and overtime.

Another example of a common set of administrative duties and costs is maintaining the ever-elusive "perfect website". Many business owners say "Yeah, I have a web site." They also throw in "It doesn't really do much for me.", "I paid this company a lot of money and they didn't update any info for me.", "It's too much work.", "It's too much hassle." "My web designer does all that."  and the occasional, "I built it myself and I love it." These are all excuses to down-play the importance of a great website and all the hidden costs associated with building and maintaining it. 

Unless you are a total geek or a glutton for punishment, you are not likely in the category of the latest example. Nevertheless, my point is that everyone who has ever tried to have a website, knows that for it to be interactive, I mean anything more than a billboard on the highway between Salt Lake City and Cheyenne, it takes work, time, learning and multiple accounts with multiple service providers.  

And so has been the way of the websites since the days of bbs and html, a model, the origins of which are in the late 20th century and support the archaic business practices of the very same 20th century, which are basically an adaptation of the business practices of the 19th century dating yet back to Medieval Times when the world was understood to be flat.  

Now, whether one is aware of it or not, we are living in the space-age. We have communicators, hoverboards, Tesla Self Driving Electric Supercars, drones, robots and private space-craft. These are the facts and they are only becoming more apparent and essential to our everyday lives.

More importantly, whether one is aware of it or not, even if people refuse to believe it and don't embrace progress, millennial software is readily available to the small business sector, but only, of course, to those in the know.

What is millennial software?

Millennial software is software that is both cost effective and efficiently unleashes your creative productivity

Exclusive Availability

The availability of the technology is only recent and it is distributed by networking, so the disconnected masses of intoxicated consumers cannot have it. It's only an exclusive sector that even knows it's here.  It's you. You are one of the 1,000's in our network, that is aware of the direct availability of 21st century software today. This means that with this knowledge you can give yourself "the business edge." 

I can hear all the engineering crackpots now..."It's open source, anybody who wants it can just go download the source and set it up for themselves."

And the other camp reviles..."That's great for geeks, but what about the rest of us? We didn't even know integrated software existed, much less how to download 'the source'".

Again, I remind you that you who are reading this, are among an elite sector of the population that has knowledge of things the masses do not know yet. You know about immediate access to a 21st century integrated software technology that has only heretofore been affordable by "Big Businesses" like Toyota, Singer and jamba Juice. This gives you "the business edge".

If you use software to manage aspects of your business, wouldn't you rather have them all integrated? What if these aspects of your business all worked seamlessly together?

  • Inventory

  • Manufacturing

  • Purchasing

  • Warehousing

  • Accounting

  • Expenses

  • Customer Relations

  • Human Resources

  • Payroll

  • Point of Sale

  • Internal Communications

  • Scheduling

  • Hosting

  • Website

  • E-Commerce

  • Newsletter and email marketing

  • Surveys

  • Fleet Management

  • Equipment Management

  • Contact Management

  • Events Management

  • Project management

Now you are in the know, with some very valuable information; this readily available enterprise software is readily available, affordable and fully integrated with everything listed and more. It's customizable and will give you "the business edge" in your niche, eliminating hidden costs and extra accounts, saving you time and sending your business through the stratosphere. 

We invite you to embrace progress and use the software of the future to professionalize your business and make your life easier today.  

Click on the picture below to see which system is right for your business... 


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