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Contributing Member Partner

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My business is in personalized and promotional products.  My specialty is dye-sublimation.  Dye sublimation is a chemical reaction between the ink and a polymer.  I take an image transfer it onto a special type of paper using a special type of ink.  This paper is then wrapped or placed onto the medium for transfer.  The medium can be anything from a t-shirt to ceramic to metal.  A pressure is applied along with heat and time to transfer the image onto the medium.  The heat and the pressure causes the polymer to open up and accept the ink.  Once the heat and pressure is removed the polymer closes up sealing in the ink.  You end up with a highly durable product.  There is nothing that sits on the surface to scratch away.  The t-shirts are light weight and do not have that heavy feel that does when ink sits on the shirt.  The ink has a long lasting endurance about 10 years without fading.  The only thing that would be a determent to it is UV light.  That is extended long periods of direct exposure.  Say an outside sign that is printed would show some fading after about 5 years in our area.
This process allows me to be able to print single pieces for clients.  Clients are able to buy something special for each of their employees or their clients without worrying about getting stuck with extra inventory.  My prices are comparable to purchasing large quantities of these items but at a single piece.  So my clients are able to give unique gifts at a price that is very reasonable.

Just because I can do single piece printing without a problem does not mean that I limit myself to that.  I can also handle multiple piece orders.  I am a member of ASI (Advertising Specialties Institute).  This means that I have an entire network of companies that I can access to get products to fulfill a clients promotional campaign at prices comparable to the larger promotional products company.  I separate myself from these companies by providing personal service to the client.  The client contact me.  I find out what the Client wants and then I go and find what they are looking for.  Most times I can find what the client is looking for or at least something very close.  The finished product is then delivered to the client in such a way that no one outside the client would know that it came from somewhere else.  It means that I deliver to them in boxes tagged with Clients information not where the product came from.  Items include everything from business cards to water bottles to foam fingers.  The list is nearly unlimited.